2021 pine playhouses for kids outdoor wooden playhouses

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Code PL004
Delivery Information Spare Parts can take up to 10 working days. Order before midday for fastest dispatch. The item will be sent by a courier service that can be tracked.
Recommended Age 3 years+
Approx. Assembly Time Approx. 2 adults,5 hours
Assembled Size L110 x W110 x H105cm
Material Pine
Max User Weight 80Kg
Self Assembly Required Yes
Color Customized
Wooden villas have a good life safety performance in the earthquake. The wooden villas are constructed with mortise joints, and the main structure is staggered, which has good stability. As a structural material, the seismic performance of wood is significantly better than other materials. The wood is light and strong, so the energy generated by the ground acceleration on the wooden building is not as large as other buildings.Another additional advantage of the wood frame system is that it is more flexible than other materials and can absorb and dissipate energy. In this kind of building, the wooden components are small, standardized in size, and closely spaced. Most frames are made up of three parts: the vertical studs that make up the wall skeleton; the horizontal joists that make up the floor slabs; and the rafters or trusses that support the roof. When the wall is made of diagonal planks or light wood-based panels to form a wall cladding panel, it has lateral resistance and thus forms a shear wall system-light weight, high strength, and high construction efficiency. All components support the building together, making it resistant to gravity, wind and earthquakes.Durability Wooden villas are made of high-grade pine wood. Wood is a natural, healthy and highly compatible material. Wooden integrated houses are environmentally friendly and healthy high-end houses. The wood is produced and processed by modern technology according to different architectural shapes.Practice has proved that the wooden structure shows its stability and structural integrity under various extreme load conditions. Even if a strong earthquake separates the entire building from its foundation, its structure is often intact. The wood structure has great toughness, has strong resistance to instantaneous impact load and periodic fatigue damage, and has the best seismic resistance of all structures. This has been fully proved in many large earthquake areas. In the Kobe earthquake in Japan in 1995, most of the remaining houses were wooden houses.The wall profile is more robust and durable through the process of flame-retardant and anti-corrosion treatment. It resists sinking stress, anti-drying, anti-aging, and has remarkable stability. If used properly, wood is a stable, long-lived, and durable material.

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